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Bulk Buyers

Are you a bulk buyer? Register on our website and be sure to tick the box indicating that you would like to apply to be an approved Candor Wholesale Bulk Buyer. This will give you exclusive access to our products at cost price!

How do I register?
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Watch the video below to see a step by step on how to register.

When will my account be approved?
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We will endeavor to review and approve new applications as quickly as possible. If you have been waiting for a few days and have still not been approved, please feel free to contact us to enquire about the status of your application.

How do I get started?
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Once you are an approved bulk buyer, simply start browsing the products that are now exclusively available to you on our website and add what you would like to your cart! If you are not sure where to go, you might just start here.

How do I get a quote for an order?
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Candor Wholesale is an online store, which means that you can add any items you see to your card at the quantities that you like. To see the total for your order, simply go to the cart page, or click on the cart icon in the header of our website.

How do I pay for my order?
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If you are happy with what is in your cart and you would like to confirm and pay for your order, simply click on the checkout button found on the cart page.

You will then be redirected into our secure checkout where you can confirm your shipping details and select your preferred payment method.